The Bayly School

The Bayly School of Reflexology was founded in 1978, by the late Doreen Bayly, and was the first reflexology training school to be established in Great Britain.

Doreen Bayly introduced reflexology to the UK in the 1960's, on behalf of Eunice Ingham, and was considered by many to have been the pioneer of reflexology in this country.

Her work is continued by The Bayly School of Reflexology and students attending the courses will learn to give reflexology treatments using the unique practical technique developed by Doreen Bayly – The Bayly Method.  

The Bayly School is the official teaching body of The British Reflexology Association and, over the years, has been responsible for training thousands of students.

Since 1980, Nicola Hall, who trained with Doreen Bayly, has run The Bayly School of Reflexology.

Why train with The Bayly School

There are many reflexology courses available but if you are looking for professional training that leads to a well-respected, high level qualification, then we can offer this.

Our fees may seem quite high but our classes are for small groups, so you can be assured of individual attention. Support is offered to students, not only during the courses, but also afterwards, when they are in practice.

Once trained, reflexology can offer a rewarding profession for life. Our qualified practitioners mostly work on a self-employed basis in private practice and there are also a number of voluntary opportunities that arise within the NHS and hospice settings.