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'Nicola Hall - in her own words' - Reflexology Book Club event - 2nd March 2021

The Reflexology Book Club is a closed Facebook group for reflexology practitioners.  Nicola will be presenting for this group on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 2.00pm and will talk about her books and her reflexology work.

World Reflexology Week 2019

World Reflexology Week is from 23rd to 29th September 2019..   This annual event is to promote reflexology to a wider audience and many practitioners will be offering special deals to encourage people to try reflexology.  Treatment is excellent for stress related conditions so if you have not yet experienced the benefits of reflexology then why not try it this week.   To find a Bayly School trained practitioner visit   

2018 Complementary Therapy Awards

The 2018 Complementary Therapy Awards judging day was held at The Cumberland Hotel, London on 24th September and Nicola Hall was on one of the judging panels.  There were 7 categories for these awards and 3 or 4 entrants were selected to attend the Judging Day where each had to make a 15 minutes presentation followed by 15 minutes for questions by the panel.  All of the presentations were examples of excellent work being carried out in the field of complementary medicine and the winners will be announced at the 'Oscar's style' awards ceremony to be held at The Cumberland Hotel in London on Thursday 18th October.  Tickets for the event can be booked via the organisers website

World Reflexology Week - 24th/30th September 2018

It's World Reflexology Week so an ideal time to try reflexology treatment.  Many practitioners will be offering taster sessions or special offers so search for a Bayly School trained practitioner to experience this wonderfully relaxing therapy.  Practitioners who are members of the British Reflexology Association can be found at  At The Bayly School in Worcestershire we have an offer available still on Friday 28th so do get in touch if you would like more details and to book an appointment.

Train as a professional Reflexology Practitioner with The Bayly School

With the autumn being the traditional time to start a new course of learning, why not start learning reflexology with The Bayly School.  We have two courses starting in October with one at the School in Worcestershire and one in London.  You can attend just the first two modules (Foundation course) before commiting to the further 4 modules that make up the Practitioner Diploma course.   After the Foundation course you will have basic reflexology skills and could start to practise on family and friends; after the Practitioner Diploma course you wil be qualified as a professional practitoner.

Our courses are for small groups and are taught by Nicola Hall, one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK, who is there to support your learning throughout the course and after.

Do look at the details on the website about the courses or contact us to discuss these further.

Digital Detox and Reflexology

In January, Nicola Hall was invited to Accenture in London to present a ‘Digital Detox and Reflexology’ session as part of its Health & Wellbeing series.

After a short introductory talk, delegates were all given a foot chart for reference, and she and a colleague gave demonstration foot and hand treatments.

The event was well-received and Accenture now offers a monthly evening clinic for its employees.

With more emphasis on wellbeing in the workplace, perhaps other companies should be looking at offering reflexology.

To find out more, please email Nicola at

Reflexology and Sleep Problems

The Sleep Council's annual awareness event, National Bed Month, runs throughout March and is the ideal time to think about the importance a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing by allowing the body and mind to restore and recover.

One in three of us suffers from sleep problems, and as regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, it has a big impact on overall health.

In 2004, the British Reflexology Association ran a survey specifically on the 'Effects of Reflexology on Insomnia’, which showed some positive results.

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